Power Realignments in Asia: China, India, and the United States

book-power-flatCo-edited with C. Raja Mohan
Sage Publications, 2009

Hardback (ISBN-13: 9788178299488 )

China’s emergence as a great power is transforming the world, affecting its security, economy and physical environment. Power Realignments in Asia: China, India and the United States explores the impact of China’s rise on relations among China, India and the United States.

The topics covered in the collection span traditional security issues-political-military affairs and military modernization-to new challenges posed by rapid and deep economic integration, to global issues like energy security and environmental degradation accompanying rapid economic growth. Each of these issues affects the triangular dynamic among China, India and the United States. A special feature of this volume is that it is an informed assessment of an under-researched theme-China’s complex role in simultaneously promoting and inhibiting Indo-U.S. engagement. It examines the many shades of strategic ambiguity, reflected most recently in China’s response to the historic Indo-U.S. civil nuclear initiative.

This work will be an important resource for all those interested in Asia’s security politics, the American response to the rise of China and India and the changing dynamic of Asian balance of power.

Chapter Contents

Foreword, Ambassador K Raghunath; Foreword, Francine R. Frankel; Introduction, Alyssa Ayres; The Economic Architecture of China in Southeast and Central Asia, Nicholas R Lardy; China’s Economic Resurgence and ‘Flexible Coalitions,’ Vivek Bharati; The Case of China and the Global Environment: Dizzying Growth, Devolution of Power, Environmental Disaster, Elizabeth Economy; Growing India-China Economies, Linked Environmental Concerns, and Emerging Scenarios, P.S. Ramakrishnan; Security Concerns and China’s Military Capabilities: The Eagle, the Dragon, and the Elephant, Jasjit Singh; The Evolving Security Order in Asia: Implications for US-India Relations, David Shambaugh; Energy Security and the Future of Energy Cooperation: China Kenneth Lieberthal; China’s Quest for Energy Security-Implications for the World, Sudha Mahalingam; US and Indian Interests in India’s Extended Neighborhood, Ashley J. Tellis; India and Regional Security Interests, Vikram Sood; The Evolution of Sino-Indian Relations: Implications for the United States, C. Raja Mohan; The Context and Purposes of US-India Strategic Cooperation, Richard J. Ellings; Conclusion: Situating the Realignment, C Raja Mohan and Alyssa Ayres

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