India Briefing: Quickening the Pace of Change

book-indiabriefing-2-flatCo-edited with Philip Oldenburg
Asia Society and ME Sharpe, 2002

Hardback (ISBN-13: 978-0-7656-0812-3)
Paper (ISBN-13: 978-0-7656-0813-0)

Since 1998, India has held two national elections, begun the second phase of economic reforms, and grown in global stature as the intellectual training ground for Silicon Valley. With their new prominence, Indian Americans are increasingly effecting change in India through their financial and intellectual clout. In another sphere, India now occupies a special place in the literary world as Indian writers in English gain in prominence and numbers. India has also found itself the new ground zero of the next AIDS crisis. And reciprical state visits by President Clinton and India’s Prime Minister Vajpayee have ushered in a new spirit of Indo-U.S. cooperation.

This edition of India Briefing covers these most recent political, economic, social, and cultural developments in India from 1998 through the end of 2000.

Chapter Contents

1. Introduction, Alyssa Ayres; 2. Politics in India’s Decentered Polity, John Echeverri-Gent; 3. The Indian Economy: Pushing Ahead and Pulling Apart, Joydeep Mukherji; 4. From Bangalore to Silicon Valley and Back: How the Indian Diaspora in the United States Is Changing India, Sadanand Dhume; 5. The Subordinate Caste Revolution, Christophe Jaffrelot; 6. The Challenges of India’s Health and Health Care Transitions, Mark Nichter and David Van Sickle; 7. Representing India: Indian Literature on the World Stage, Alok Rai; 8. 1998-2000: A Chronology, Bandita Sijapati


“This lucid volume explores the diverse complexities of [the] new and dynamic India. … An easy to use, up-to-date reference volume on most aspects of Indian life.”
Foreign Affairs

“… an excellent resource for anyone with more than a passing interest in India. The contributors are knowlegeable and thorough in their specialties, and the book is packed with detail on the chosen topics.”
Foreign Service Journal

“… a useful addition to the series and will be useful to South Asianists and practitioners.”

“… a very useful addition to the increasing number of books on the changing political economy of the Indian State. … valuable in understanding the genesis of an emerging India as the country grapples with the newer challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century.”
Contemporary South Asia 12(3)

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